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Contracted Consultants, A New Approach to Global Sales Growth

FarHawk is the North American agent for Focus Ahead Consulting. We work with internationally focused companies who need to build their European revenues, and know that a local, competent sales professional is the best way this can be achieved.

You have probably not taken this approach, legitimately considering the up front costs, risks, and difficulty finding talented sales professionals in target territories.

Contract Consultant, A New Idea

Meet the Contract Consultant, the best, most efficient, and cost effective approach to growing your business in the UK, Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

We virtually eliminate the inherent up-front risks associated with this exercise; employ a rapid and professional time to market approach, significantly reduce your management overheads and provide the option for a risk free exit strategy.

What is a Contract Consultant?

We locate, qualify and contract the same high caliber sales personnel you would ideally look to recruit for your own payroll. Together we manage these individuals under contract, dedicated full-time to you. At the end of our assignment, with their skills clearly demonstrated, you have the option to seamlessly transfer these same personnel to your payroll, maintaining the momentum achieved during the contract phase.

During the contract life, the Contract Consultant works exclusively for you; prospecting, qualifying and closing deals in a far more concentrated and sustained way than a conventional, generalist distributor with a large product portfolio that possibly includes lower priced competitive products.

When you tell the Contract Consultant to visit someone and set up a meeting, it gets done. Leads and the sales funnel are all documented and reported on, with next stage, who does what, all planned out. Five days a week, with no distractions.

We capture all the proven advantages of full time local direct sales professionals while eliminating the hiring risks, up-front cost exposure and management overhead typically associated with this challenge.

We deliver a proven, low risk and highly effective contract sales delivery solution to companies wishing to gain rapid market entry and penetration within the UK, European, Middle Eastern and African markets.

There's More to Focus Ahead Consulting

Focus Ahead Consulting offers everything else to a company seeking to do better in Europe.