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We are sales representatives for ChemSW, Inc., a leading supplier of the NIST Mass Spectral Library. We offer the Library and upgrades, as well as software that make the NIST Library more useful.

NIST 11 Mass Spectral Library Introduces 27 New Features, Including:

More Spectra!

243,893 carefully evaluated spectra for 212,961 compounds, an increase of nearly 10% from the 2008 version. This includes 23,433 new spectra of metabolites, drugs of abuse, derivatives of common compounds and many more, all measured specifically for this library.

Click here for full details on all NIST11 New Features

Six times larger Database of MS/MS spectra. The new collection more than doubles the number of compounds represented. Most spectra have been acquired on both ion trap and qtof/triple quad instruments, thereby increasing the number of spectra by over a factor of six compared to NIST08.

Click here for full details on all NIST11 New Features

Exact Mass Capability!

exact mass New NIST MS Search Program v.2.0g which accompanies NIST11 has Exact Mass Search added to it, taking into account the presence or absence of an electron, adducts; accepts uncertainty in ppm or millimass units, and allows searching for isotope peaks or monoisotopic peaks. This has been enabled for both molecular ions AND product ions.

Click here for full details on all NIST11 New Features

Any mass spectral database in the NIST MS Search Program’s format (including all user
libraries, the Wiley Registry, and Wiley’s boutique libraries like MPW, DD20XX, FFNS, the
Agilent DRS libraries, etc.) can be indexed to allow use with the Exact Mass Search or
Exact Mass Constraint.

As long as a chemical formula is associated with a mass spectrum, not only is the nominal
mass (MW) displayed but the Exact Mass is also displayed in the spectrum’s Text
Information window.








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Ordering Information

If you want a formal quote, pricing information, or have some questions, call 888-327-4295 or e-mail me at thawkins@chemsw.com.

If you are upgrading from a previous copy of the NIST Mass Spectral Library, please be prepared to submit proof. The easiest proof of ownership is a screen capture.


Network Version of the NIST08 Mass Spectral Library

Enjoy convenience, security, and simplified license management with Enterprise NIST MS Search, the NIST08 Mass Spectral Library and your user libraries available on your network server.


NIST Mass Spectral Library and Accurate Mass Spectra

Use our Mass Spec Tools to convert high resolution spectra into qualified elemental composition candidates, and search the NIST 11 Mass Spectral Library for identification.

Check out details on MSTools by visiting Our MSTools section.

NIST Retention Index Database

The NIST Retention Index Database is a library and search program for GC Method Development that is an essential tool for anyone performing gas chromatography (GC, GC/MS, GC/FTIR). The program's gas phase Retention Index (RI) database contains the Kovats Indices (KI) for more than 349,103 citations (GC conditions, literature citations with titles, and RI values) for over 71,169 compounds on both non-polar and polar columns.